Q0. My fire keeps going out, what am I doing wrong?

A1. Make sure the oven door is removed to allow a free flow of air. Closing the door restricts the oxygen supply and will extinguish a fire within a few minutes.

Q1. The legs of my oven do not seem to fit in to the stand?

(note: although it might look like that the legs and stand are not the correct size, they actually are, we only have one size)

A1. It is the best to put the legs in to the stand by first placing the stand on the floor and putting in one leg. Then (best done with two people) pull back the second leg until it does fit in to the stand. This might take some force.

This has been designed like this so the legs will not seperate from the stand again after assembling.

Q2. Can I position the oven indoors or inside my garage?

A2. No. The oven must never be positioned in an enclosed area because the smoke and fumes must be allowed to escape properly.

Q3. Why is my pizza base sticking to the oven floor?

A3. First of all, remember to sprinkle the pizza peel with flour and make sure your preparation area is floured well. Don’t wait too long to cook after adding your topping to the dough as it could start to soak it up and become sticky. Make sure you don’t have any holes or thin spots in your pizza base as these can allow moisture to penetrate and cause sticking.

Q4. Why am I getting lots of black smoke?

A4. Make sure you are using properly seasoned hardwood, ideally with a moisture content of less than 20%. This type of wood burns hotter for longer periods and produces very little smoke and ash.

Q5. Can I use normal firelighters?

A5. No. All firelighters should be free from kerosene or other additives that may soak into the floor of the oven and, in turn, taint the taste of your food.

Q6. How long will the oven take to heat up before I can cook a pizza?

A6. The oven should take about 30 minutes to heat up to pizza- making temperature. The size and length of the fire will determine the temperature of the oven. The oven is at its optimum when all of the black carbon has burned off.

Q7. How can I tell what temperature my oven is operating at?

A7. You can buy infrared thermometers and other types of thermometers to give you exact readings. However, once you have used the oven and experimented with it, you will get a “feel” for the temperature.

Q8. How do I put the fire out?

A8. You can just wait for the fire to extinguish after a while. To let this happen faster you can spread the wood blocks a little bit. DO NOT use water or sand! Also do not use the door to block the entrance.

Q9. Is this oven only good for cooking pizza?

A9. No. The oven can be used for pizza, bread, meats, fish and vegetables. A wood fired oven can cook anything a conventional oven can. The main difference is that this oven can reach temperatures higher than 450°C.

Q10. Can I cook meats and fish directly on the oven floor?

A10. We recommend that meat and fish or any dish that will produce fat or liquid from cooking should be placed in a container to avoid tainting the oven floor.

Q11. Is the oven frost-proof?

A11. The oven has been tested by the manufacturer to be frost proof at -12oC. However we recommend using a waterproof outer cover for additional protection.

Q12. Is the oven weatherproof?

A12. The oven has been manufactured to be waterproof, however persistant wetting will affect the oven and moisture will be absorbed we recommended using a raincover.

Q13. If I haven’t used my oven for a while, will it still be okay to use?

A13. Absolutely, although it’s a good idea to light a small fire to slowly warm the oven before you want to start cooking to “cure” your oven again.

Q14. if my oven is wet, will it still be okay to use?

A14. If you haven’t used it for a couple of months or the weather has been persistently wet, it might be a good idea to light a small fire 3 to 4 hours before you want to start cooking to “cure” your oven again.

Q15. Can I paint my oven a different colour?

A15. The colour of the oven is produced during the manufacturing process. This oven can be repainted using breathable masonary paint.

Q16. Can I move my oven when there is a fire burning in it?

A16. No. This is incredibly dangerous.

Q17. Can I leave the carrying handles attached to the oven?

A17. We recommend removing the handles so people don’t accidently bump into them.

Q18. Will the flue Pipe be safe to touch when the oven is working?

A18. No. The flue pipe can retain heat for long periods of time even after the fire has gone out.

Q19. It looks like some mold is inside my oven, what do I do?

A19. You can light a small fire to slowly warm the oven before you want to start cooking to “cure” your oven again. It is normal for some mold to appear every now and then.

Q20. It looks like there are cracks inside my oven?

A20. It might look like there are cracks in your oven, but these are actually the connection points of the different parts of your oven. Because of the temperatures these can get wider a bit, this is normal.

Q21. I am looking for the Batch number of my oven, where can I find this?

A21. The batch number of your oven van be found on the bottom of you oven. If you stand in front of your oven just look under it. The number consists of 8 digits.

Q22. I want to move/carry my oven through a narrower access then the with of my oven, how?

A22. Always make sure your oven is cleaned and cooled down before moving it! If you have to move you oven through a narrower access then the with of you oven, make sure you disconnect the legs, and carry it in a way that the opening of your oven faces downwards. Do not tilt it too much! This way the tiles inside the oven can not shift too much.

 Q23. How does the delivery of my oven work?

A23. Your delivery (in the UK) will be done up until your kerbside. From there you will have to arrange your oven to be moved to your preferred location yourself. The Jamie Oliver woodfired ovens are quite heavy, but if you take the oven out of the box you can install four handles on your oven, and you can move your oven with four persons to the desired location. Please be aware to have at least four persons ready to help you move your oven.

Q24. I would like to place my oven on a stone wall/outdoor kitchen instead of on the stand, is this possible?

A24. You can place your oven on a different area (suitable for an wood fired oven!) instead of on the stand. However it is very important that some space ( at least 1cm) is left open between the top of the surface and the bottom of the oven. There are air holes on the bottom of the oven which should be left open and free so they can let fresh air in and out. The image below shows where the airholes are located.

Airholes WFO jamie oliver dome

Q25. Can I extend my flue, and what are the dimensions?

A25. Is is possible to extend your flue. The flue is 50 cm tall, and the width is 12 cm.