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Everybody gathers around the

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Family Fun

Starting the fire, preparing the dough, cooking the sauce... Making pizza in your garden is all about sharing the warmth with the ones you love.

Delicious pizza and fabulous roasts

Pizza from your own wood fired oven tastes so good, that pretty soon you'll start making your stews, roasts and grilled chicken in your garden, too.

Let Jamie do the talking

Introducing the Dome60

Premium Quality

By using just the best traditional materials, we created ovens that look good, work better and will last even longer.

Hot Inside...

Our wood fired ovens get blazing hot inside - and that's where the heat stays. So you don't have to worry about burning your hands or having enough wood.

Easy to Use

Our ovens come with instructions but you won't need them! Just make a fire, wait for 15 minutes and start cooking a delicious meal.

One time introduction offer

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You don't pay £1,400.00 but just £1,273.00

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Hand crafted in Italy, assembled in your garden

Hand made in Italy

Handcrafted in Italy using traditional methods and materials, our wood-fired ovens are easy to use and unlock a whole world of exciting and imaginative outdoor entertaining.

Delivered Pre-assembled

Our ovens are delivered ready made with all the essential equipment and a stand so you can get outside and get cooking with the minimum of hassle.

Built to Last

Designed for outdoor residential use and built to perform in all weathers, our ovens have been tried and tested around the world, and can perform in freezing conditions and tropical climates!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these ovens delivered?

The Dome 60 is delivered at your kerb without charge. They are pre assembled, so you basically just have to lift the oven to its mount. You will need one or two extra pair of hands to do so, as it weights 200kgs / 440 lbs.

Are these all-season ovens?

You don't have to store these ovens during fall or winter. These ovens can be used 365 days a year, in all weather conditions.

Can I buy this pizza oven online?

Yes, we have an online shop where you can buy the Dome 60 at a 10% discount. We also sell the Dome 60 Leggero and the the larger Dome 80.

What are the delivery costs?

Kerb-side delivery is free in the UK (mainland). For other countries, please use the delivery-cost calculator at our checkout page.

Just start cooking...

~ Wood fired pizza ~

Cook a beautiful Napolitana with rucola.

~ Perfect Roast ~

Grill delicious chicken with Parmezan.

~ Delicious Stew ~

Make a lamb stew with garden carrots.

"The dome60 pizza oven is the best choise"

Order now and get 10% off!

Get 10% off the list price!
You don't pay £1,400.00 but just £1,273.00

Order now!
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